Juniors Grading Dates

  • Wakehurst Redbacks is a community cricket club for the enjoyment, participation and development of players of all ages and abilities.  The club plays in the MWJCA competitions that usually consist of two divisions.

  • It is important that players play in the correct division to ensure that everyone gets opportunities to develop and enjoy playing cricket and that stronger players are challenged in a competitive environment.

  • Prior to the season commencing the club holds grading sessions which along with MyCricket statistics and coaches’ feedback are used to allocate players to divisions.

  • All Wakehurst teams are selected to be competitive in their division and where possible to have boys/girls playing with friends/schoolmates.  Wakehurst teams are not graded within the club e.g. Team A/B.

  • Where possible any MWJCA representative players are distributed across teams with the age group.  This ensures that these players are challenged by playing against each other.

Age Group Age Co-Ordinator   Date Time
U10 Boys Paul Burrows under10@wakehurstredbacks.com.au Sat 12-Sep-20 1.00-2.45
U11 Boys Dave Hunt under11@wakehurstredbacks.com.au Sun 20-Sep-20 1.00-2.45
U12 Boys Madhura Bhagwat under12@wakehurstredbacks.com.au Sat 19-Sep-20 3.00-4.45
U13 Boys Kevin Weson under13@wakehurstredbacks.com.au Sun 13-Sep-20 3.00-4.45
U14 Boys Chris Melville under14@wakehurstredbacks.com.au Sun 20-Sep-20 3.00-4.45
U15 Boys Laurie Zanella under15@wakehurstredbacks.com.au Sat 12-Sep-20 3.00-4.45
U16 Boys Deanne Hutt under16@wakehurstredbacks.com.au Not required