COVID-19 Training Guidelines

We are pleased that cricket training is about to commence and wish to remind you of protocols that are necessary for community sport to resume in a COVID safe and compliant manner.

  • Please avoid travelling via Public Transport where possible.
  • Please bring your own personal equipment wherever possible to minimise equipment sharing. Please bring your own drink bottle(s).
  • Please come to training dressed ready to train and leave your personal equipment at least 1.5m away from anyone else’s.
  • Please check-in before, and check-out after, any cricket activity using the QR codes provided at the ground/training nets. Seek out an alternative check-in method if you are unable to use the QR Code.
  • Please sanitise your hands before and after any cricket activity, and during breaks in the activity where possible.
  • Please maintain social distance of 1.5m from other participants wherever possible and minimise the number of people using any particular cricket net to five (5) people at a time.
  • We request that you adopt the mantra of “Get In. Train. Get Out.” and minimise any unnecessary mingling in carparks and other areas. We will schedule time in between different training groups wherever possible to assist with this.

Please read the Cricket NSW Match Day and Training Participant Checklist and the Cricket NSW Return to Training Guidelines.