Wet Weather

General Information

Unless the field you are playing on is closed by Council or you have been notified by the club the whole team should ALWAYS show up at the ground. There are many varied grounds and weather conditions across the Northern Beaches, it can be raining in one location and sunny in another. The decision on whether the game should go ahead should be agreed to by both coaches/captains at the ground.

“The fact that the grass and the ball are wet and slippery does not warrant the ground conditions being regarded as unreasonable or dangerous. If the umpires* consider the ground is so wet or slippery as to deprive the bowler of a reasonable foothold, the fielders of the power of free movement, or the batsmen of the ability to play their strokes or to run between the wickets, then these conditions shall be regarded as so bad that it would be unreasonable for play to take place.”

Northern Beaches Council