Average Cricket

Junior cricket format 1

Junior format stage 1 is a game format played by : U9sU10s and U11 Division 2. It is designed to give every player an even go and develop their cricket skills. The major difference between normal cricket and stage 1 is a player continues to bat on even when the are dismissed (bowled, caught or run out). You can not be dismissed LBW.

The teams are made up of 7 players per side in allowing players to be more involved with fielding, batting and bowling. 9 players are allowed on the field.  20 overs per side.  2 hours match.  16 m pitch stump to stump


Players face 13 balls, then retire. They continue to bat for the 13 balls even if dismissed.


At the start of each innings the players go to a fielding position and then after each over (6 balls bowled by 1 person) the players rotate in a clockwise direction. When the rotate to the bowling position it is their turn to bowl an over. One over is 6 balls, in Junior format 1 there are NO extra balls if a wide is bowled, the batting team does get 1 run. This keeps the game moving and ensure it finishes on time.  Loss of wicket is 4 runs to the bowling team.  All players must bowl one over with a maximum of 3 over each.


The team that wins the game is the team with the most runs taking into account the reduced runs for dismissals.